Looking for some ideas to improve the stopping power on the bike


Looking for some ideas to improve the stopping power on the bike...

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  • Braided brake lines helps a lot

  • Does the rubber expand too much taking away some of the pressure?

  • Honestly I'm not sure too much behind why it works I just know it does lol

  • Yes

  • Lines and better pads. I also heard our front master cylinder is weak

  • I used Spengler (spelling?) Braided lines and that made a huge difference for me. Maybe better front pads. I would be very careful about switching out your rear pad though to something with more bite. Be more at risk of a rear lock up then. I would do lines first and see how you like. Then new front pad. Then maybe new rear. Don't do everything at once.

  • Thank you, that's a good idea

  • Get a better master cylinder.. One off older r6 and steel lines.. Core moto lines are great..

  • Im sorry what ? And where did you get all this from.. ? Makes no sense to me ..

  • From any reasonable riders that want good performance, be safe against locking up by stepping up in- steps. Maybe do lines and pads at same time, but then be more careful applying brakes especially for the first period while getting used to them. The stock 6r does have good, yet mushy brakes for what the bike was mostly designed for tour/commuting yet being somewhat sporty, changing the lines and pads will give more than plenty of feel for these purposes. I still lock up my rear on accident more than enough. With just these, I can't tell the difference in breaking between my 6R, my GSXR or my Trophy.

  • I think common sense would tell a person hey u just changed pads and lines.. Dont slam the brakes shut..