looking to upgrade my touring kit and quite like the hein gericke gortex stuff...


looking to upgrade my touring kit and quite like the hein gericke gortex stuff seems good value. does anyone have any experiance with the gortex gear as i sick of getting wet. the cheaper textile stuff is ok for a light shower but when it pisses down forget it your getting wet.

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  • The gloves are the same as the police use and have never failed before. . One of the page guys with me was a gloves in rider with 200 worth of rukka R stars. And his hands were also wet. Trust me here , I've been riding 36 years and have never driven in conditions like that. We were all on the point of giving in. There's good articles on why goretex can be overcome if you google it. Sometimes only pvc lined stuff is the solution..

  • yes i agree it was bad, i had to pull over a few times as i was finding it hard to see because the spray from other vehicles, i have never been so bloody wet m8 so time toi invest in some better gear. i have just brought a set of hein gericke gortex for a good price. thanks for the advise.

  • Have got Klim Badlands...the difference being the goretex is bonded on the outside rather than a liner inside...you never get a wet exterior...pricy though..1300qud for jacket and pants..you want the best?

  • Most on market have waterproof liner..only 4 dont..

  • Gore-Tex for the win. I used to work for Hein Gericke and owned a lot of there stuff. Now I've got Dainese gore-tex wouldn't have anything else now.

  • you had your moneys worth out of them

  • Don't go gericke. I bought a £800 suit (gortex) about 3 years ago n has never been waterproof from the day and Hour I bought it. Been sent back twice but no better.

    Go grab a rukka suit, my opinion best in the business.

    For Ireland here so we use to the rain and the suit seen plenty of it.

  • Bonded to exterior, not liner...never have to stop and faff with liners

  • Am not old enough for rukka!!!

  • IXS goretex is good quality and good value for money