Lost my key how the hell do I get another one


Lost my key how the hell do I get another one

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  • Call dealer give them your vin / registration ect

  • Does it have to be the dealer I bought it from

  • They can help I'm sure , I'd contact my nearest Yamaha dealer

  • Is there a chance the key code/number is wrote in the owners manual?

  • I lost keys to a Mercedes , had to go trough main headquarters / vin/ reg/ and extensive background check / 3 weeks and 450 bucks later I had a key

    No code on manual

  • Just went through this, forget getting a key from dealer or yamaha unless you have key code.

  • I had to have a lock and safe guy, not your typical locksmith make me one, charged me $100... there are about a 107 possible keys i believe he told me.. the seat lock and ignition can be used to make a key, apparently only 5 of 7 tumblers are in the seat lock (which is removed with one of those anti theft star (torque)head bolts) the remaining 2 need to be made using ignition... good luck brother

  • Would it be cheaper or easier to replace the ignition

  • The ignition is installed with security bolts that shear off when they torque them, it's not an easy job.

  • It took my local lock and safe guy like an hour and i had two keys in hand, he came to me

  • You didn't get two when you bought it

  • No and I never got a copy made Im a dumbass

  • Sorry to hear that. I got two. I've lost them both twice. My battery hates that ignition as I've found them each time in the in position the next day.

  • What Ryan Brown said. I went through the exact same thing on my daughters car. All but 2 can be retrieved from any of the other locks. The last 2 they use their voodoo magic and get from the ignition. It took the locksmith about 1 1/2 hrs total. I now have 4 keys and the key code, in case I ever need it.