Making foot guards for Atc Barber


Making foot guards for Atc Barber

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  • I'm thinking about designing some round bar style fork lower guards kinda like the headlight guards I make

  • For the fork lowers I'm thinking two 3/8 bar stock on each side of the fork then do 4 or 5 half circles connecting them I'll try to mock something up. I think they will look good with the rest of the add on's

  • Have any wheelers for sale, Calvin?

  • Awesome

  • I have a 200e with a noisy valve but still runs good.

  • Side number 2 done just letting the paint dry and heel guards are done. I get off work at 3 tomorrow then I'll make the hand guards

  • Very cool. Will have to paint my pegs to keep up the look.

  • You will love the feel of them.

  • I got spoiled I hate riding any 225 without them. They give so much support. Your arch of your foot doesn't get hammered