Mark Canham shared a link to the group: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / Tracer 900 / FJ-09 Owners Group.


Going to get this fitted at first service ... looks good and not expensive

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  • I must say the idea of getting a tail tidy does sit well with me as its a cheap "mod". Im looking at a different screen, custom seat and......well that woull be telling :-) sadly i need to sell the old bike first

  • Only 2 complaints about the Tracer ... the reg plate hanger and the hard seat ... will have to wait to get the seat sorted ... no old bike to sell as i got rid of the Versys to get the Tracer :)

  • Mine are the seat and the screen. At 5ft 8" I get battered by the wind! No idea why! I've a screen extender on mine and that does it a treat.

  • i put my screen at the lowest setting and i prefer it ... the highest setting was a pain.

    Not so keen on the look of the high screens ... saw one that was huuuuge and really messed up the the gorgeous lines of the bike .

  • I went with comfort seat option , worth every penny , think a tail tidy is next on wish list .....

  • When i picked mine up one had a high screen on. Turns out the chap got home and took it off.... when its at its lowest i get a rattle on the chin at its highest i get toatl head wobble givng me a headache! so ive opted for an extra few cm with an extender taking it to 50cm and that about right. On my z750 i had adouble bubble and that kicked the wind right over my head