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Aww feck it LOL just had to buy the Carbon fibre fender extender ... Now, when it arrives, do i just silicon seal it on or do i add a couple of tiny self tappers too

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  • Is that a promise ;) i will hold you to that

  • Just roughen up the mating surfaces with sandpaper, apply Tigerseal and clamp overnight.

  • is it like Gorilla glue

  • Not sure as I've not used gorilla glue, it a special plastic adhesive. The only downside is you have to buy a whole tube and only need a small amount.

  • I have used number plate double sided tape and small black self tappers before and it worked fine ... might use the tiger seal and tappers this time

  • I always use good silicon and clamp over night, never had a problem and think the screws look naff

  • I used Tiger Seal on both front and rear carbon extenders with no problems.

  • Self tappers are a must, dealer fitted mine. I tried to just glue my rear fenda extenda and it came off. Back to pyramid for a full refund! Bought r&g hugger which is pukka!

  • I've lost three in the past. I'll make sure to use self tappers this time :P

  • I bought the pyramid fender extender with the special double sided tape. It's going nowhere! Whereas the rear mudguard extender which i had to glue on came off within a week.