Mark Lowe shared a link to the group: Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT -.


Hi FJers. I thought i would post up some vids I have done (and uploaded to YouTube) about my bike and some of the mods i have done to it. Sorry no vids yet of me riding it as I don't have a Go Pro, yet. Also bare in mind that I am a YouTube noob. I hope you enjoy. Also sorry for the shameless plugs for RPM, but I am a very happy customer and like their stuff.

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  • Awesome share (Y) Bloody nice bike!

  • Thanks Ben Willmott. Like all of our FJ's she is a work in progress. I am hopeing to get an action cam soon to post some "action" vids of the bike on some of our local roads. (go a few good ones)

  • Good job mark

  • I think a good build for you, as you have skills, is a naked street fighter, that's my dream, keeping the red&white, red&white :) Making another, rat style, mad-max theme.

  • I was going to do one Ben Willmott. This bike was one of a pair I bought, and thought about doing the second bike as a naked, but I ended up having to make up one good bike out of the two and what was left of the "parts" bike is now gone. Everything I did on this bike, I taught myself. Basically I had zero experience bike building, when I started.

  • Yep, I've been reading :) Same mate, this is when the bug hit me, "research". 5 minutes into reading about the FJ1100? Still reading :) Only 1 subject, FJs. 1 day, our 2 beasts will be kissing tyres (Y)

  • Yep. Need to have a beer and swap stories. My local riding group has a good moto - "Tell ya story riding" basic we dont care what bull you tell us, it is about your riding that counts.

  • Deal, as long as I can lead that ride for a few clicks, all need a turn up front, takes all the bs away

  • No problem. I am not a fast rider anyway.

  • I rarely go much above speed limit, think taking the lead with a group of riders does something for the soul, also learn a lot, every rider's different hey?

  • Me either. Some of the guys I ride with, treat the road as their own personal race track. After a few close calls I am happy to let them go and meet up later. I had 20 year off bike and have only been back on for 2. Still learning to ride again and I went from dirt (before break) to big road (after break)

  • Any ride needs 3rd gear wound out once :) After that, I'm with you

  • I feel the same as Mark Lowe. The bike is to old IMO to race. I just enjoy the ride. If I had the desire to race around I would pick up an old R6 or R1 to beat up. The FJ's to me are evolving into a special interest bike worthy of keeping in good shape. Guess I am getting old :). Anyone know why the oil cooler lines are crossed ?

  • George... go wash your mouth out with soap :P

  • :).. Give long straight roads :). Think Nevada.

  • the straightest road i like is Pike`s Peak :P

  • Makes me dizzy to think about it.

  • What is the longest straight road in the US?

    One in particular, North Dakota Highway 46, is supposedly the straightest of them all -- plumb line straight -- the longest straight road in America. It stretches across 123 miles of north Dakota prairie from Hwy 30 in the west to a nameless county blacktop just past I-29 in the east, a steady 20 miles south of I-94.

  • one did not build this.......

  • to ride that :P

  • Been down that road more than once :). Cuts through Utah and Nevada. Back when there was unlimited speeds in Nevada you could go as fast as you wanted until it wasn't fun anymore.

  • we had a road like that in south africa

  • Here is a great road. About 110 miles of slightly down hill sweepers from LoLo MT and Lewiston Idaho

  • George Howard the oil lines are crossed for convenience. They are easier to fit this way.

  • Just wondering, mine are more direct. I have shorter lines. (made my own).

  • Mine were supplied with the cooler. The instructions suggested to fit them crossed.

  • Chris O'sullivan we have a LOT of them out west. Nevada 318 between Ely, Nevada and Las Vegas is one. Hwy 50 is referred to as the most lonesome road in America. My problem is there are to many people there :).

  • Mark Lowe I have the same cooler, just made my own lines because I had most of the fittings on hand.

  • The Long and Lonely Eyre Highway: Australia’s Longest Straight Road

    Kaushik Thursday, November 27, 2014

    Imagine a drive, a thousand miles long with no turns or bends, across a vast featureless plain with repetitive landscape, and hundreds of kilometers between towns and service stations. That’s Eyre Highway, the road that connects Western Australia to Southern Australia via the Nullarbor Plain, a flat and treeless, giant bed of limestone 200,000 square kilometres in area. With no hills or lakes to obstruct, the highway was laid down as a straight road that runs for 1,675 km from Port Augusta in the east to Norseman in the west, and includes what is said to be the longest straight stretch of road in the world Australia: 145.6 kilometres, between the small roadhouse communities of Balladonia and Caiguna (the longest straight road in the world is Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia, which is 162 miles long).

  • Gives one time to think :).

  • While i personally have not ridden this road i know a few who have. It can get really hot, 50*c (120*f about) in summer

  • And critters have the right of way. Here we call it open range. Interesting at night time and early morning.

  • that' about it. No Roo's here but black cows at night are a pain.

  • The roos here seem to like hopping out from nowhere to be in front of your lights. The wombats are too slow to get out of the road (mobile speed bump) and the camels are like your cows.

  • We have deer in the mountains that will jump out in front of you like the Roo's. Many years ago there was deer running down hill and came up to a road cut, jumped off the edge and landed on top of a couple riding a Gold Wing. Killed them both (actually all three) . Freak accident. Killed by flying deer.