Massive tip to you guys if your selling a bike on gumtree and someone says...


Massive tip to you guys, if your selling a bike on gumtree and someone says email me and ask to pay you through paypal, its a scam, stay away

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  • That's why you don't do anything until money's in ur hand or bank

    I don't mind someone sending someone to pick bike up as long as I say full amount in my pocket/bank before I sign it over

  • Yeah, its just a warning because i was selling my cbf and about 4 people sent me a message saying email me so i emailed them, they all said similar things, they work away and havent got signal on the phone so if they put it through paypal and they will send an agent and it seemed majorly wierd that 3 different people said they work away and its for a family member then at the bottom

    Of all of the emails, they say if you havent got an account on paypal simply create an account at (then the website) so yeah...

  • Just a warning just so u guys dont lose a bike to one of these scams

  • So long as you got the money u can't really lose just make sure you Get proof of sale etc

    But that obv sound bit strange 3 in a row

  • Yeah, 3 random emails said pretty much the same thing

  • Yeah I agree dodgy mate just be careful and make sure you get money in pocket or bank and everything to proof you done everything right ie proof of sale etc

    And u can't really go wrong and if they interested say to em pay friends and family then and see if they reply as there basically no way they could get money back that way ;)

  • Yeah, a guy and 2 lads came and looked at the bike and left a deposit so its all good just giving u all a warning :)

  • Good good

  • Also if you're buying a bike on gumtree and you can only contact them through email it is probably a scam. They all say that they are using a dispatch company based in Edinburgh, it has happened to my dad 4 times in a month while looking for a new car and 3 times for me looking for a new bike.

  • Yeah thats what i mean man