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New YXZ color

  • Jessica Hicks

  • Sometimes I wonder why Yamaha even bothers, coming out with these dinky little add-ons still won't compete with the new can am x3. I love the color, don't like red, but it's just not enough!

    They really should come with a low and high range option, stronger clutch and more power would be a idea as well.

    Unless your a Yamaha fan or are only interested in reliability, Yamaha will be at the bottom of a guys list. Dang Yamaha!!

  • But it's reliable. Nothing that says BRP on it is.

  • I did say if you main interest was reliability.

    Although this could be debated, I know guys with can am or that have had can am's, and had no issues. Poor design by Yamaha resulted in Yamaha having to replace my top end on my new 16 grizzly. Also there are people reporting issues on their yxz's, my buddy is one that has had at least a couple issues with his. So I think it's somewhat of a hit and miss kinda thing.

  • Maybe a GYTR turbo add on.. will solve everything ..

  • The biggest improvements Yamaha could make would be a low range high range option.

  • It would be $40000 with low range. Lol

  • I see. In my group we are always having trouble with our can Ams and our skidoo sleds. Our yamahas seem bullet proof.

  • No it wouldn't. Honda, none cvt trans, has high and low.

  • I agree it can seem that way sometimes, but let's see a Yamaha with same type hp and tq. Not only that but more power inspires more aggressive type riding. I just bought a can am renegade xxc 1000, giving the grizzly to the wife.

    So I'll have first hand experience, although we did buy a outlander 800 in 08, I rode the heck out of that thing with not one issue, but only put 1500 or so miles on it before we sold it.

  • My little bro had a 550 grizzle I believe it was an 09 that he tore up. Sunk it 3 times and it kept going. I have a yamaha nytro sled that I can run 28lbs of boost on it and I have had 0 trouble for 3000 miles.

  • That little gutless 550 can take quite a bit of abuse, but a guy really can't compare it to anything can am has, at 2 to 3 times the power. I've also heard stories like that from can am and Polaris owners as well, so not sure that really says much.

    But I will agree that your reliability odds are probably better with Yamaha. One is for sure in most cases, Yamaha don't compare when it comes to the fun factor, which is the reason most people buy these kinda toys.

  • I also doubt you run your Nytro at 28 lbs all the time. Most likely the turbo has not been on for the full 3000 miles either. ???

  • Best Improvement in my eyes would be put the crossplane motor in them

  • What would be the benefits to a crossplane motor verse what they're using now?

  • They produce more power stock and have an all around power curve, very torque friendly at low rpm and doesn't lack on the top side either

  • No because it won't hook up normally run 15.

  • But we have a 2016 skidoo that the motor came apart at 800 miles and one at 1800.

  • More horsepower and torque from the get-go smoother power

  • Does Yamaha have any crossplane motors, any other brands using a crossplane?

  • The R1 has the crossplane engine I have a 2012 R1 and never understood why they didn't just throw it in the machine somewhere around a hundred and sixty horsepower stock

  • Stock 800?

  • The yxz reminds me of a high revving banshee perfect for Dunes and stuff like that but when you get into the trail riding it would be nice to have something with more torque where you didn't have to have it tacked to make all of its horsepower

  • All yamahas ive had had motor problems 6 months after buying new from dealer, but a buddy had one and gave his a beating with no problems, every brand has lemons

  • Oh ya, ok. That would be better.

  • Montana Patterson

  • It's the "blue lives matter" color scheme!

  • I would have to say maintaining your machine properly will keep it going longer than 6 months. I have so many Yamaha products and I love them all. I have bikes, side by side, two boat motors, a quad and a jet ski, from old to brand new and they all keep going and I beat on my stuff.

  • Anyone notice the GYTR gear reduction is available for the SS now.

  • Cameron Coward it was maintained great at 250 miles i dont see tht a crankshaft would go out on a factory machine, i gotta say i love them just had bad luck

  • mmmm aluminum rear knuckles....seems a bit like a random unpgrade. Anyone has an idea why they did this? Apart from having less unsprung weight being better, was there an issue with the rear knuckles?

  • I thought it was weird too unless it was a easy way to save some weight.

  • It's on the red/black model too. Purely weight savings.

  • Me likeyyy