Memory foam on the front seat. Grippy cover on both parts

Memory foam on the front seat. Grippy cover on both parts.

  • Need to ring matey at digger seats in newport ( wales ) and see if he'll do a 'while I wait ' upgrade on my seat as not wanting to be off the road while it goes through the postal system, looks good by the way.

    See you got the R&G hugger then, definitely better I think

  • Hugger is great..definitely makes a difference. Thanks for the recommend!. Nearly finished with extras now. Just need my heated grips to arrive, a Yamaha rack and a screen and sorted! Oh, and a tail tidy!

  • I tried to put wheel rim tape on,it looked awful and crooked/wonky so had a hissy,ripped it all off again and stamped my feet !! :-(

  • Like the new seat and bike same colour as mine how did u get the sat nav fitted and which one is it I was hoping to fit my Tom Tom

    Thanks Dave

  • It's a Garmin 590lm (that's the holder, nav not fitted). I used a telferiser ram mount. It replaces one of the handlebar bolts. Power cable is hard wired in. Will work the same for Tom Tom.

  • Thanks Michael I'll give them a look just haven't been able to find a suitable mount for the Tom Tom

  • Just search Telferiser. Think it was 25 quid and arrived in a couple of days. Simple and secure.