Might be a stupid question but imlooking at getting a yz250 and it runs 100 it...

Might be a stupid question, but imlooking at getting a yz250 and it runs 100% it just won't idle, is there anything other then a bad idle adjustment that could cause this

  • Clogged jet.

  • If its run good when you put it on hig rev ist just a carb adjustement

  • Okay thanks guys

  • Clean carb put it back together, with the bike running turn the air screw all the way in.. Little brass screw... Then slowly start turning it back out till the bike reaches it highest revs.. Leave that screw where it is then.. Move to the idle screw wind it out til the Rpm drops to a steady idle.. Jobs a good un! Hard to explain it in text sorry

  • Where should I start the idle screw?

  • They never idle real well and if you do wind the idle screw up enough to get it to idle I will be screaming at half throttle when you start it cold with the choke. I wind the idle right down on my bike so they'll only fire once or twice at idle in case you accidently let go of the throttle. That will also get you a more predictable over run/ engine braking. You don't want to have them sitting around idling anyway.

  • plugged pilot jet from sitting with gas in the bowl.

  • Crossers ain't mean to bud

  • I've seen bikes low on compression not idle so keep that in mind...

  • Its from sitting ! It will adjust sooner or later !