• Might be bringing this toy home

    Might be bringing this toy home.

    • I like the re-designed bimini top structure

    • Decided to put the money down on a red one they have on their lot. Pending what the value of our SX192 is what will be the deciding factor.

    • I like the solar charging panels on it to keep the batteries charged.

    • The only issue with Bimini is I have to duck to get under the front of it.

    • You'll need to get a new pole for the new boat. Sorry couldn't resist..lol..oh wait that was Erwin Danneels who used it.

    • I might need a long pole for it. Lol

    • Hahaha...longer boat, makes sense!

    • This one would have more space for the longer pole to kept in. We might be able to keep this going for a long time.

    • take might out of it.. bring that bitch home.. you wont regret it..

    • Opted to wait on getting a red one they have on their lot.

    • David DeLellis stinks to be taller..lol

    • What are you waiting for?

    • Decided it against for now. Too much negative equity in the sx192 and I am not up to taking the hit.

    • We traded in our 2013 AR192 a couple years ago and Cycle Springs gave us a pretty fair trade for only having it for about 8 months. Traded for the 14 242. Not sure who you were going thru but just thought I'd share.

    • All in good time David. If you didn't have to wait for it you wouldn't enjoy it as much.

    • relax guys...he's talking about the FX cruiser :D

    • You still talking about the boat Erwin??