Mirrors down


Mirrors down.

These ones don't shake!

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  • Give me a honest opinion about your C Spec

    I had the regular bolt but it got totaled and I was going to go with the raider but I'm kind of digging the C spec

  • The raider is a good bike. Very fast as well.

  • I have a C-spec and it's a good-looking bike and have had no peg-dragging in town like some cruisers. My knee does rest on the intake like most people complain but it doesn't really bother me any more than my knee resting against the center console in my car.

    My biggest gripe about the bike is that its riding position kind of feels like it should be more flickable, but it still weighs as much as your regular cruiser. It's like the performance of a cruiser with the comfort of a sportbike. The aesthetic also means you'll be foregoing saddlebags and a decent windscreen.

  • My self I love it!

    You need good hands and back. If you do long ride's, I will consider something else.

    Some of my friends are saying that is hard to ride. I said that their motorcycles don't have personality.

    In the end is matter of taste.

    Do not get one without a test drive.

    You love it or hate it.