• Most of my Tracer riding has been commuting into Central London Recently I...

    Most of my Tracer riding has been commuting into Central London. Recently I just covered 1000 miles touring over Germany and as yet I've not experienced any speed wobble of any kind. Admittedly I had set my suspension up within the first 48 hours of ownership to suit the roads I ride on as I found the Tracer came with it's suspension set (as per the manual) very firm. Go sit on a plane MT-09 and then get on a Tracer and make a comparison - the suspension is set on the two bikes so differently they are like night and day. This evening I finally had an opportunity to go out on my own for some serious A-Mode riding on familiar roads. Watford has a decent array of roundabouts and long sweeping dual-carriageway curves, all with a real mix of road surfaces, some of which are quite bumpy and have made many of my sports bikes that I've owned shake their head in complaint. This evening I pushed my Tracer fairly hard in some pretty fast but bumpy corners and I can't make it shake it's head at all. If you're experiencing a flighty front-end, you should really make sure your suspension is set up correctly. I don't believe that there is a fault with the bike, you just need to setup your suspension.

    • I can also vouch for mct. They transformed my previous bike.

    • Only in Stowmarket!! Nice little ride from my direction :-)

      I'll have a play with the settings and see how things go. If I can't improve things I may well need to visit!

    • I am scraping my toes alot. And i find the bike steers very well. It holds a much tighter line than a sports bike. And no head shakes here...:)

    • Must admit I've no real issues with the suspension. But if I can make it better then with the addition of the Ermax screen (on its way) I might get a little bit toward no shaky head.

      It interesting other don't suffer. Just to note I only get it on my private airfield at 120-125

    • I've been beyond those speeds the last time I visited your airfield, no shakes.

    • I shall have to spend some time making the small adjustments and see how we go. I don't go on the airfield very often and at least the wobble stops the traffic controller getting upset with me....

    • Phil Chisholm preliad backed off 2mm. will see if i feel a diference tomorrow morning in the Hoon to work.

    • I'm convinced that Yamaha (and other manufacturers) send their bikes out with the suspension set to thrill the next jounalist to sit on it. Yes it's awesome particularly if you're a very skilled rider, but for us regular Joe's who have to live with it in the real world is another matter.

    • Regular Joe! Speak for yourself in the next Rossi!