Motorcycle riding is very similar to meditation and if a person hasn t done...


Motorcycle riding is very similar to meditation and if a person hasn't done either, they won't know. When I ride fast I am doing something that is potentially very dangerous and is also a calculated risk. But I have all my faculties focused on one point of concentration, and that allows no other thought to enter my head. Which in itself, over a period of time, cleanses and purifies me. And when I finally I stop and think about it, for me, that's exactly what happens. It is just that simple.

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  • Well said. Some say motorcycling is dangerous, I say motorcycling saved me and probably someone else when I was young........ Now I just enjoy the ride and country side.

  • I could not have said it any better.

  • I need more cycle meditation!

  • It is exactly that simple. That explains helmet therapy perfectly.

  • So, grasshopper, I take what you're saying as this " I become 1 with my machine "

  • Well, Gunther....that is a good story. First the sunscreen on the inside top of the faceshield is that "static-cling" suncreen material that you can buy at the auto parts store to put in the window of your car to keep the sun off of the baby's car seat!! I used masking tape on the front of the shield to get a straight line for the bottom edge, then trimmed the top by following the top edge of the shield with a new, sharp razor blade. The "Yamaha Racing" sticker was an Ebay thing....again careful measured and centered and using masking tape as a guide. I think it turned out well. Good Luck!!!

  • Well Said.

  • Rick, well said. I don't get to ride as much as I would like for relaxation & fun. I hope to remedy that soon.