MR1 s going to work on our 06 AR210


MR1's going to work on our 06 AR210

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  • Chris I can send you one to your phone... It'd be better quality too, loaded grainy on Facebook.

  • I think I just orgasimed

  • ...too much info Doug LOL!

  • I posted it to YouTube the quality is much better.

  • Is that a GoPro on a pole..? Beautiful shot man...Thanks

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • No, no GroPro just an iPhone 6 and maybe a few beers for some guts!

  • Had to share it on my page for friends to enjoy too. Hope you don't mind Trevor.

  • Woah, sounded very dangerous for both body and phone. You may not want to rush to do a sequel!

  • Hah, not at all Doug.