my 03 warrior Dont have my seat on for some reason I think this is when I...


my 03 warrior. Dont have my seat on for some reason. I think this is when I first got it all back together.

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  • See I didn't care to save mine. But James im not to fond of the bumper ita not much coverage for the fenders when in the woods. I ordered a new summit that I believe will so better

  • Oh ya I might get me a different one

  • Its a hit and miss kinda deal. I tried to ohm it all out but I think the one I bought was junk cause it somehow fried it.

  • Im not too worried about it now its turning into winter pretty fast here. Might just start on a rebuild early

  • Iv got another project I haven't been able to do much with. I work one full time job 7 days a week plus rebuilding plug and packers on the side. So the quad has took up any free time iv had.

  • You also

  • i need headlights like them... pissed that i dont already have them'

  • Im thinking about switching to LED lights. I flipped mine a couple weeks back and bent the protection bar and busted the clips on one of my headlights.

  • i meant that i should have some by now....what kind of led are you looking into?

  • I haven't shopped around much. I really like the 11 in led light bars but they are almost 650$. So I think im just gonna go to the auto parts store and find something