My 1973 DT3 getting all loaded up for it s trip to bring it to me It hasn t...


My 1973 DT3 getting all loaded up for it's trip to bring it to me. It hasn't seen the sun in MANY years.

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  • That appears to be a fairly complete DT3

  • Yep. I can't wait to get it and get it running which is gonna take a while probably.

  • ...half an hour, maybe.

  • If it kicked over. I bet carb clean and your riding around the house

  • Will not currently kick over. Kick start won't budge.

  • Just have Thomas Fitch kick it over.

  • Mathew Boardway lol, thank you.

  • I think it probably hasn't ran since the 70s.

  • Tom Carroll PB Blaster down the spark plug hole, don't spare it, three days later, with a cold beer in had, kick that baby through!

  • That would be nice.

  • Short story about Tom. I buy a Ossa of from him. We believe the motor was rebuilt etc. Tom had some mix gas, fills the carb 2 kicks motor is purring like a kitten ... True story

  • Mathew Boardway even a busted watch is right twice a day!

  • It looks nice, unique seat arrangement for an enduro. Could almost fit three people on there.

  • I believe they called it the buddy seat

  • Yeah it's separate from the main seat. The main seat has some rears in it so will be looking to get that fixed up.

  • Was it OEM Yamaha or something available later on the aftermarket?

    If you ever want to sell it Tom I'd like a chance of getting it.

    Be good to keep the buddy's a bit further back.

  • Should be oem

  • OEM Yamaha. One of their early Genuine Yamaha Tuning accessories.

  • David Hunter no plans of ever letting it go instead of an extreme absolutely have to sell situation.

  • Understood. You have a nice bike there I'd keep it complete too.

  • Wonderful!!

  • A favorite Vintage. Enjoy!

  • I put a bunch of PB blaster and a whole thing of marvel mystery oil and got it dripping down from here now. What you think?