My 1998. Kerker K Series 4 2 1 Exhaust DynoJet Stage 7 Jet Kit K N Filters


My 1998! Kerker K Series 4-2-1 Exhaust, DynoJet Stage 7 Jet Kit, K&N Filters...

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  • Love to find some brighter, dual headlights for my max

  • Looks great, How do you like the lights you chose and what kind are they? What handle bars are you running?

  • How much power did you get with jet kit?

  • Lights, brackets, & clip-on bars are all pretty much no name gear off eBay. Crucial power increase with stage 7 kit & exhaust. Front end picks up in 2nd gear if you get traction :)

  • Looks mean like this.