• My 83 IT250 after a bath

    My 83 IT250 after a bath

    • Yup for sale

    • Michael Teague is that one that you don't have?

    • I don't have a K. I have a J.

      I was thinking about buying it but I'm working on getting my 465 going again.

    • I would like to have it but it was only a 1 year bike so parts may be impossible to find.

    • Yeah, but I dunno. A lot of them were sold. Still it would be cool to own one.

    • Sounds good!!

    • Typical issue is plastics but the big issue with this model is cylinders or lack thereof. Shares the exact same ignition as Yamaha WR500, believe it or not.

    • Love em what atool

    • Translate?

    • Beautiful!