My bad max 86. Same age as me. childhood Dream came true this summer


My bad-max 86! Same age as me :) childhood Dream came true this summer!

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  • best ride ever!

  • remove V-Max !! =)

  • sissybar is a must if you are having the wife on the back, as you may get home and find she is not with you!!! I have just put one on and I am a lot happier knowing she wont come off when I wind the throttle :-)

  • Lovely bike...

  • I put one on mine because I got tired of her feet in my armpits all the

  • looks like its in a great condition

  • .. And it is :) Damn! this bike eats rubber! New tires already :D I like the sissybar, I think my wife does to :D

  • the pipes look like they are loud! :)

  • They are, but not extreme. Four pipes that really brings out the best sound of the v4 ;)

  • If you want both better sound, & more HP, out of those Cobra pipes, drill 8 holes in the back of each baffle, starting at 1/4", then increase the hole size in 1/16" increments, till you lose that 'burbling' sound...Hope this tip helps!