My beast of one year 8 months live to ride drop the gear n dissapear


My beast of one year 8 months;live to ride,drop the gear n dissapear

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  • Almost 2 years , have you replaced the chain and sprocket ?

  • Yess bro i have changed on 22k km

  • Nw my bike has completed 26500km

  • How much did it cost ?

  • 1800 the genuine part n ol round it became 2100rs fitting n service tax

  • Ok thanks for the info

  • Ur wc bro

  • I really love to ride my motorcycle. When I want to just get away and be by myself and clear my head, that's what I do.

  • It's awesome .. But not a beast... Because .. Its power is too low...

  • It's very nice bike

  • I have a fz-s v2 bro... Its power is too low

  • No bro use a powertronic if u feel tha power is low

  • Need 150NS