My Bolt Jacksonville FL

My Bolt - Jacksonville, FL

  • Wait there is another bolt in FL!!!!!!!!?????

  • Right...I have yet to see another the one here in Jacksonville.

  • I'm in Tampa area and have yet to see another one

  • Might have to ride to Tampa someday just to check it out lol

  • If you do let me know, be cool to actually go riding with another bolt

  • I will...been to Daytona and Orlando so yeah maybe I will try Tampa.

  • Wanna ride over to Daytona sometime soon

  • Let me know I'll meet you down there

  • Sounds like a plan

  • Also Gabriel thank you for serving and protecting our country

  • thank you

  • Gabriel Hilario if you drink and we get to go riding your first drink is on me

  • I'm a Sailor so yeah I drink lol...just let me know...most weekends I'm pretty free.

  • Got a brother and a brother in law in the Air Force

  • two son are also in the lives here and the other is in Washington State.

  • Y do you have the Texas emblem on your Bolt?

  • Born and Raised in Texas now living in Florida but I'll always be a Texan.

  • Gabriel Hilario they must hate you for being a Texan.

  • LOL...not really they are pretty friendly here.

  • If you squint real hard it's an 883

  • No squinting lol but yup I get that a lot.

  • I live in Jacksonville. Spotted a C-spec in Orange city, FL last night.

  • For real...i work in Orange Park ....I have yet to see another Bolt. Sure I like meet ppl in my area with Bolts.