My clutch is getting stuck half way when I let go of it if I grab the little...

My clutch is getting stuck half way when I let go of it, if I grab the little arm coming out of the cover I can put it back in its place but as soon as I pull it again it does it again.. new clutch?

  • I adjusted the cable and it's all good, I feel like an idiot, I think it's time for a new one anyway customers this thing is a bitch to pull

  • Cause* fucking phone

  • Get the raptor 350 setup, fork over the $40 for that and never deal with the crappy warrior pull again.

  • What is the raptor setup just a longer arm?

  • Re routes the cable around the engine to the left instead of to the right. 22 pound pull compared to 8 pound pull.

  • Damn, I'll have to look into that

  • Cavle is 15 bucks. I carry a extra with me in my back pack. N me its all depends on what ur setup is what cable clutchs n lever u got I can pull my 1 finger I put the raptor cable n stuff on n 2 me no difference at all in the pull. N u dont need all the parts for the raptor mod all u need is the cable, spring, n bracket 2 hold the cable. U can use ur stock warrior cable arm the arm ur cable hooks 3 on ur clutch case u just have 2 flip it upside down

  • Using the warrior stuff is why you don't feel the difference. I would get every part on that list and follow it to the T, then it should work correctly.

  • Only other stuff is a bolt 2 hold the exhaust on. N the arm kyle told me 2 do it n couple other ppl. N Its just me but I think its stupid of how long the cable is on that I freaking hate it. N when I looked up the raptor arm it was on national back order it can be available in a week or a yr from now I went 2 a dealer 2 get the parts that was couple months ago