My dealer says I need to bring my Viking after 200 miles and then every so many...


My dealer says I need to bring my Viking after 200 miles and then every so many miles if not my warranty tht I payed extra for is no Gud they charge 300 every time wat u guys think ?????

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  • I'm starting to wish I went else where maybe I'll just take it in to a different shop if anything happens to it

  • I had my cracked case covered under warrenty and that was the first time they touched mine.

  • Nice

  • Magnuson moss warranty act , look it up! Keep it in your back pocket! Don't be a sucker , find a new dealer!

  • Perry Starr

  • I was told first service at 20 hours I needed to take it in to get the valves adjusted? Total would be around 200 though.

  • Find a new dealer, I worked in a dealership as a tech, yamaha is VERY good about covering stuff. there's a guy around here at the dealer getting a brand new rear diff and right axle because his imploded. He has a 2 inch lift and 32s, never services it or anything. It's all on how the service writers word it to the dealer.

  • It actually looks like hammered dog shit. They sent yamaha pictures and yamaha said replace it. That was the end of it.

  • I think it's all relative , I only have 28hrs but I have 500 miles because I do a lot of road riding , I don't think dealers can make their own rules, even if you paid for an extended warranty

  • One of the dealers around here couldn't even manage to get Yamaha to warranty a broken axle that broke due to the sorry tie rods for me at 10 hours! $400!