My FJ1100 85 do not emediately start after not have been used for some time

My FJ1100 -85 do not emediately start after not have been used for some time. Wonder if I should replace the coils+install electronic ignition. Any thoughts and experience out there of what to/not to install?

  • its got electronic ignition standard,mayb charge the battery?,man leave me sittn in a shed for a month ,ignoreing me n i wont start for u aswell,just sayn......

  • Replace the fuel

  • From experience: if not used for a while the fuel gunks up and spoils in the carburettor float, it also gunks up in the jets, you need to strip and clean the carbs. Also, the floats can stick causing flooding. Check and if necessary, replace the plugs, check the HT leads for cracking/arcing, check the air filter, if dirty, replace, an oil and filter change wouldn't do any harm either. Coils are normally quite reliable, there's no real benefit to replacing or upgrading them on a standard engine. That's about it, anything else would be a result of worn or seized parts, hope that helps. Oh, and it wouldn't do any harm to check the shims and once cleaned, balance the carbs too.

  • Its not uncommon that the fuel evaporates from the carbs I believe the 1100 has a pri switch on the fuel switch under the tank first switch to pri so you can fill up the carbs . The membrane switch is only openen with vacuüm and that only happen when the motor is running

  • seen u not riding it just give it to me ... problem solved and it will be in a good home where I promise to ride it at least twice a week

  • Yea. Sounds like this is the explainstion. It is too cold here to ride in the winter (Norway) Assume the carbs dries out in the winter months and it takes some time to fill them using the starter for vacuum. I have to remember to start the engine once a week off season


  • Dave, it is a great bike and I have had it fo 20 years. There are still a few around so try to get hold of one. Unfortunately I will keep mine

  • My 3CV

  • Make it a habit to at least warm it up weekly.

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