My house is starting to look like a jetboat repair facility Neither are mine...


My house is starting to look like a jetboat repair facility. Neither are mine, helping family members with their repairs. #AmaralPowersports

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  • I'd be happy to send you a video with sound. Send mail to and I'll respond

  • Keith L. Andoos- I just changed impeller bearings on both sides. Mine is an 06 SX230HO with 700hrs....port engine was noticeably louder....marbles in a coffee can sound.

  • Yup that's it. I have an '06 as well. Do I remove the gate and housing or is it more complicated?

  • I paid to have mine done...."every man must know his limitations"(Dirty Harry). Remove the pump housing, twist out the impeller shaft and rebuild/ replace bearings, seals etc with a rebuild kit. For some guys that a piece of cake... Mines go to a guy like John Amaral or in my case, Lodder's Marine in Cinci.

  • The noise should be louder at the transom. You will need to remove the pump & nozzle and the shaft will come along with it. The bearings will have to be pressed into place.

  • Yup, this is a dealer job for sure! I'm handy but I'm not THAT good!

  • Where are you guys located?

  • I dont have a shop, just toying around with the idea of making some extra cash. I am in central Jersey.

  • You obviously have mechanical ability. My friend's son tears apart Audi engines and trannys and re-builds and installs them. No technical training!

  • Thanks! Just installed all three engines, one per night. They will be in the water this weekend!