My last tribute to the bulldog in this group

My last tribute to the bulldog in this group.

I had a lot of fun with the Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog this year. Just picked up the Triumph Tiger 800 XC and left my dog behind

  • Just done the valve clearances on my mates Triumph Tiger 800 what a job, he was quoted around £500 for the service and valve adjustment by triumph dealer one more thing remove the rear chain adjusters where they screw into the swing arm and copperslip them because they seize up and snap when you want to adjust the chain you then have to remove the swing arm to get them out this happened on my mates bike they had to use spark erosion to get the broken bolts out, if on assembly they had greased these bolts and the internal thread this would not have happened its a common problem on them

  • You trying to spoil my day ? Ah well. I am not going back, at least not yet :-P

  • at least you wont have to worry about the starter clutch

  • wish i had never sold my bdog got an aprilia mana gt now

  • Hahaha!

  • Good tip though Ronald, is the problem with all models or the older ones ? What year is your friends bike ?

  • His is a 2012 done just over 20k miles he uses it all the time has no car

  • Tnx, will look into it. I don't have that much info yet on the weak spots of this bike.

  • think its all the 800 range that has the chain adjuster issue

  • lots on utube

  • how to do valve adj. is on utube

  • Although I loved the bulldog, I dont think I will regret trading it in. If the Tiger turns out to be a bad choice (which I think is not), i will go for another but same type of bike. If I can afford it :-)

  • also have this

  • Ernst your in a dogpack So most

    Of the puppy's Will growl at you for not riding the bul enymore

    But when the packleader (Edward ) says your not leaving the pack

    Its crystalclear So please keep posting crazyshit

  • I did the opposite, changed my Aprilia RSV Mille for a Bulldog

  • Nina Melin at the time i had a 1250 bandit GT and the bully i sold them both and found the aprilia its a 2011 and was cheap so i bought it

  • Always a safe ride!

  • Have same fillings on new bike mate :)

  • My animal Triumph Tiger XC (2013) with new Heidenauer K60 Scouts. More flexible and powerful but lighter than the dog. Cannot compare with the bt1100 design which is unique. Sounds like a sewing machine now

  • That ain't no sewing machine you hear... It's the purring of you pussycat!

  • My pussycat is snoring beside me atm Hugo

  • Enjoy the new machine! All the best :)

  • Do you want to sell the Bagster tank cover?

  • See the pm i sent you

  • Can you give us a comparison between the Mana and the Bulldog? The naked Mana was on my list as well before buying the dog. Never ridden one though yet.

  • I prefer the bulldog both bikes are similar in performance but the Aprilia does not have the soul of the bully no character in it thought it's more reliable than the Guzzi griso 1200 8v that I once had nothing but trouble got rid quick. I would love another bully but just none around at sensible money I sold mine about three years ago now it was a 2004 with around 8k miles on it for £2200 you can't buy one now for that money