My little IT 125. Needs some help cute 125

My little IT 125. Needs some help, cute 125.

  • Bought this and turned into my parts bike.

  • Trying to bring back to shine to the tank.

  • Should have take a before and after shot. Trying the wet sand method. Works.

  • My friend James Sharp is doing plastic tanks, they look like new when he is done with them.

  • Here's an IT tank.

  • Beautiful job.

  • Thanks I can walk you through the process if you want

  • Watched it on you tube. Takes a lot of patience. Got mine pretty close, not going for full resto. The tank is stained from gas and oil. Looks green.

  • Only Rated-r Restorations you tube video shows it properly. Got to remove all staining and gouging that will come out and then successively sand up to 1500-2000 wet then polish with ultra cut or another heavy cut compound. The one above looked far worse than yours