My new ride with Ultimate Seats and back rest installed For me the Ultimate...


My new ride with Ultimate Seats and back-rest installed! For me, the Ultimate Seat works very well. Still need to get the passenger back-rest! Any suggestions?

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  • I chose the high back rest because I'm going to use it to tie my luggage but there is a short version as well

  • I took my backseat off. I will never ride anyone. So I don't need it.

  • had I known I could have bought yours lol....and no people shouldn't get confused....the back rest is for NO ONE's for my luggage, strictly luggage....not baggage LOL!!

  • oh sorry, the back seat sorry, I misunderstood

  • LOL @ not baggage.

  • I love my ultimate seat as well. Really comfortable.

  • I went with the VStar removable backrest, Mustang seats. Girlfriend can ride all day, no issues with the backrest.

  • Looks great! I had the Ultimate seat on my Roadstar, but the high kick in the back did not make my tail bone feel good, so for my Deluxe I found a guy on Ebay that makes very plush seats. Does not look as stylish as the Ultimate but very comfortable. I went with the Yamaha quick release passenger back rest. My wife will not ride without one, but when I ride solo I like the look of the bike without the backrest, the quick release for me was the best option.