My new to me 242 LS doing what it does. Great weekend on the lake


My new to me 242 LS doing what it does! Great weekend on the lake!

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  • Where the 212x?

  • So glad to see that you're back on the water. Enjoy.

  • Lookin good buddy. Glad to see it all worked out for ya

  • How are they not colliding with each other??

  • the tubes typically stay on either side of the wake except in turns, but thats half the fun.. they jump from tube to tube.. trying to hang on. I can get the boat to split them with a quick left right turn.. Plus the kids "steer" them where they want them to go using body weight..

  • Now you get to start with all the fun of new add-ons with the 242. What's first on your list?

  • I got rod holders and a blue underwater LED on the way.. trying to figure out wakeboard racks, boat already had Perfect Pass and a nice stereo.. flags/mirror etc.. all came off the 212X. tower diameter is the same.

  • Great pic