My rear brake and tail light doesn t work but turn signals do At the pigtail...


My rear brake and tail light doesn't work but turn signals do? At the pigtail plug in therebis no power wtf? 2001 vstar 650

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  • You can also check to make sure all of the connections behind the license plate are connected and clean, remove the L-plate and look at the connections behind it.

  • No power at pigtail.

  • Did you try both the foot and the hand break? If it works with one test the the other for continuity with a volt meter. You can also test to see if there is a break in the wires with the volt meter between the wiring harness where it plugs in that connector under the seat it's the one that comes through the rear wheel shroud 3 prong match the color it should be a yellow wire for your breaks and test for continuity, Its a process of elimination before you spend the cash that maybe you didn't need to.

  • Both hand and foot dont work and its a five prong. The turns have power and I will have to do the continuity test tomorrow im in Daytona beach for bike week and pissed I had to leave mine home

  • Hay your still in Daytona that's a plus, Am still looking at snow! Everywhere!!!

  • Today is the first warm day its only been like high 50 low 60. Now its 75°

  • Brake light switch near the brake pedal.

  • What about it?

  • Wouldn't my hand brake still light it up then?

  • Yeah,I guess it would. Maybe a ground is broken. Seperate from signals. Not sure hard to diagnose from here right. Good luck anyway. Ride safe.