My rear brake is out. Sucks

My rear brake is out!!! Sucks...

  • I saved it. This is the only damaged.

  • That happen to me one time. With a tube with big diameter try to pull it. It works with mine. But be careful because you can brake it

  • Okay. I checked it out and it looks like o can bend it back. I just don't want to pop anything out of place.

  • that happened to mine also! I got it straightened out!

  • Looks painfull af

  • That is made of pot metal. Remove it from the bike and use heat to straighten it or it will break.

  • This give me a reason to do the C-Spec setup. Higher and further back. Fits my riding style more.

  • I fixed it. Bend it back to place.

  • Ouch, glad you could save the lever Xaoey. Worst case scenario, as long as the master cylinder is intact, the lever is not that expensive.