My shocks are either shot or suck in the first place Any recomendations on a...


My shocks are either shot or suck in the first place. Any recomendations on a replacement with little to no mods needed?

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  • 660 fronts do bolt up but are way to long for stock arms and will put the ball joints at risk of binding and breaking unless you have +2 a arms with 12 point adjustment like the ones from Fullflight I would stick with banshee fronts

    And for the record Joshua Davis knows what he's talking about and there are tons more guys that will agree he has experimented with just about every shock combination possible for the warrior for the best possible set up He knows his shit

  • Thanks to everyone! Just gotta find me a set of cheap shocks then.

  • I guess last question.. what year range of front shocks?

  • If it's truly comfort your looking for? On stock arms and swingarm?

    Pick up a banshee rear shock from Edward Edward Tillman, mid the airbox a bit to make it fit. Then find some Banshee front shocks any year, cheap on eBay

    Full setup less than $150

  • Any year banshee will work but go with the newer dual rate spring style

  • These are what the dual rate banshee shocks look like easy way to tell dual rate from single rate springs is the single rate springs the coils are evenly spaced from top to bottom and dual rate springs are evenly spaced from bottom up about 3/4 of the shock then they are tight together at top

  • For sale 825 shipped don't get any better than axis and that's a sweet price worth a lot more

  • $8.25? sold!

  • Lol ya right