My sisters raptor 350 must not be charging I ve tried batteries out of mine in...


My sisters raptor 350 must not be charging I've tried batteries out of mine in hers and they go dead to but the headlights still work and runs normal any ideas on what should check first

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  • first hook up a multi meter to the barrery while its running to make sure its charging or not then its either the stator or the rectifier u test the stator with a multi meter

  • I don't think it's the stator cause it still runs good and headlights work good they just go dim when you let off the gas

  • that does not matter if it runs theres 2 parts of the stator one part that tells it to spark and the charging part it could still put out enough power to run the lights but not to charge the battery as it should if stator or rectifier was working properly it would be charging the battery properly theres no test for rectifier if stator checks out then replace the rectifier

  • I would listen to Jesse Raatz he deff knows what he's talking about when it comes to stuff like. This tho

  • Do what Jesse Raatz says! Use the multi meter! Mine was doing the same thing. turned out the stator was bad. I got a Caltric one from Amazon and now everything works.

  • I work on em all the time just ain't ever had to mess with charging systems much i know some about it tho just don't know how to test it but thanks Jesse Raatz I'll try testin the stator is there any way to test it other than with a multimeter

  • no u have to ohm it out according to specs in the manual or u have to test the 3 white wires to make sure there all putting out the same voltage those u test with it running in ac volts i would ohm everything out and test the 3 wires do both tests

  • I just bought one from Them and it came defective and my bike is at a shop and now that mean more hours put into the bike because Caltric decided they hate me lol

  • It was pretty easy to do. It was the first time i opened an engine case since my Small engine class in highschool. After i got it all put back together i noticed a small washer that i had not seen before. It had fallen out into the oil pan when i first opened the case. It was midnight and i had to take it apart again and find where that washer went.

  • 14,6 or 14,0 Volts are ok.

    In Stop Engine are 13........Volts ok.

    After Start Engine 12,6.......Volt, it is the Chargingregulator i think.

  • you cant tell if its the rectifier by how mant volts its charging at. 12.5 to 12.9 should be resting voltage it should read around 13.8 volts if charging correctly

  • I must say “my english is not so well“ Sorry.

  • its ok understand now i thought in the last post u were smarting off now i get it

  • Stator