My tires doesnt last. What is the hardest tire. I use my bike on the street


My tires doesnt last!! What is the hardest tire? I use my bike on the street

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  • I run Battlaxe T30s

  • I may recommend Michelin Pilot sport 4, made with double compound (hard in the center for extra durability) and softer in the sides for improved curving.

  • You mean pilot road 4 or pilot power 3, there is no pilot sport.

  • I'v had road pilot 3's and 4's, I would recommend both being good tyres

  • how many miles did you get out of your last set and what were they? I have 7600 on the stock tires and they need to be replaced, but that is about average from what I've heard. Big grip comes at a price, softer compound usually wears out faster but grips the best.

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4s. Best tires I've ran.

  • We have two fz6r's and have been running michy pilot road 4's and Pirelli Angel GT's side by side. If you're a sunny day rider the Angel GT's are a better ride but as an overall the michy pr 4's are brilliant. These differences are minimal and both tire sets are far superior to the stock dunlops road smart or Bridgestone battleaxe (we had both stock sets on our different bikes).

  • Which do you think will last longer, the PR4s or the Angels? I've put 15,000km on my PR4s but they'll need replacing soon. Thinking about trying the Angels

  • Seem about the same.. go for the best deal. Cheers

  • I got 20000k out of my pr3's and the pr4's are meant to last longer.

  • You didn't say how long you have had yours, my stock Dunlop's got 7500 on the first set, I now have over 6000 on this set, and still have a ways to go.....I ride fairly gently......(most of the time, lol.)

  • Bridgestone Battlax sport touring. 4k + miles on it and still plenty of tread.

  • My dunlops look slightly better at 6000......js

  • How much are the Dunlop Q3's?

  • Mine are the last of the run of RS1's at decent price....