My version of AIS removal and proving that Kalashnikov is the best ever made


My version of AIS removal and proving that Kalashnikov is the best ever made :D

It appears to be ideally fitted and shaped to cover the tube where AIS had been connected.

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  • If this doesn't cause backfire... What will?

  • Not fitted that yet, will give it a try today, hope it doesn't :D

  • Backfire

  • Yesterday I went to a expert of Yamaha and asked him if it's really that useful to get the ais away. (he was synchronize my cabs) He told me its useful but it doesn't give more hp.

    The ais gives the cylinders warm air and it should be better when it's cold air so the motor runs better en the cylinders get a better ignition. At the Yamaha workplace he always took it away at the dragstar and wildstar. But also told me to remove that thing in the cylinder and put a steel plug in it. Just for the looks that it's all away.

    A k&n filter with a diversion 900 air unit should give almost 10 hp more.

    So when I heard that and he was synchronize a told him that I liked the backfire of my bike. So he told me that I should keep the ais, because when it's removed the backfire is gone.

  • True... Sometimes I really miss the backfire on my Bulldog!

  • When I heard this I really don't get it away. I like it to much. Especially with the lasers and when they are full open.

  • From what I know,AIS is just a way to get cleaner exhaust gases so we can save the nature, it i jects fresh air/fuel portion in, and all unburned fuel is burned away. I dont want to remove those pipes, they sit very strong in place, and also for future time, if for any reaspn will need to put the AIS again.

    Such a question, does the AIS has impact to exhaust gases quality? when you go to the "annual technical inspection" to get that technical permission to drive the bike on roads? (Dont know how exactly it named in English) if is removed, there is a chance you will not pass the technical examination because too "dirt" exhaust gases...

  • No such thing as TÜV here, in The Netherlands...

  • Not an issue in England. Gases not tested.

    P.S. But mine stays on!! :)