NAVIONICS any one use this we have it on the I Pad but I m finding its not...


NAVIONICS.. any one use this? we have it on the I Pad but I'm finding its not reliable. The I pad gets pretty hot too, must get bloody hot for most of you guys in the US.:)... We also have a Garmin but have to upgrade by $250 to get a card that will Auto Route us. When you want to boat in Georgian Bay, you need a reliable route guide.. Avionics is Awesome when its working!!!!

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  • I download and use offline turning data off....uses less....gps stays on and still use maps showing your location.

  • Jack, Not sure what you mean :) Must be your accent..We have to have it guide us, if you google Georgian Bay 30,000 Islands. You will understand why :) Its a granite Mine Field lol...

  • look at maps when data is on. You can turn data off and maps are still there. Just look at place you want to go to be sure they are updated before turning data off. Open app and it uses gps to guide you thru maps. There I said it in canadian/British lmao

  • I used it going from ft lauderdale to bimini bahamas ...of course no cell service so it showed me on maps using my gps...maps already there since I scrolled out to be sure they were updated

  • Thanks better :) Chin Up Old Boy :0 ha ha

  • I use the garmin glo, it's a Bluetooth device that connects to your phone or tablet. It connects to more satellites than your tablet or phone. It also works with no cell towers and it doesn't use you data. ards/glo-/prod109827.html

  • I have navionics on my raymarine e7d. It's awesome

  • Do you have cell service on your iPad? I found without it was way off.

  • Yes we do, but I think I turned it off last trip.!!

  • I first got one that used my iPhone cell access by Bluetooth. It was a disaster. I switched to an iPad with service, and the result was much much better.

  • Do you use navionics maps with this?

  • yes I do

  • use the garmin glo listed above and will solve your problems - I dont have cell service on my ipad and do use wifi

  • Benny Sibbitt Cool. Came close to pulling the trigger on it but wasn't sure. My buddy has an anchor alert if his position moves more that 10'. Wonder if navionics has anything like that to alert your phone.

  • I never used any of the alerts on the navionics app yet, I have used the route map which outlines where you are going which I find very helpful