Need a carbreator for 1983 Yamaha yt 175 anybody got one or parts for carb of...

Need a carbreator for 1983 Yamaha yt 175 anybody got one or parts for carb of this year?

  • Rebuild kits are still available, you should be able to get one at any shop. Here is a list of parts with part numbers. m/oemparts/a/yam/5003882df8700 21f60a098f0/carburetor

  • Called shops not available

  • I have an original but Idk how to ship it.

  • Still can get the parts to rebuild, I just assumed that a kit would still be available sense the parts that would be in a kit still are.

  • I have one. Pm me

  • Called my local Yamaha dealer looked for an hour not available neither is carb some people say u can use dt 175 carb off dirt bike u can buy them new for like 25 bucks that what's on mine now it will idle but when go take off it cuts out

  • There cheap made just matter getting good one I guess

  • The jets are different between the DT and YT carbs. The link that I posted has the gaskets, jets, and other parts that would have been in a kit. The parts are still available from this place. I don't know if Yamaha is still producing the parts or if they are NOS. Also, check your pipe, it may be partly plugged.

  • K they can still get jets for it but like 150 just for jets

  • $3.40 for pilot jet, $2.95 for main jet. Both factory Yamaha from the link that I posted earlier.

  • K take look at it

  • Will these jets work in the dt 175 carb?

  • I'm not sure about the Chinese copies if that is what you are running. I know the Honda jets fit the Honda copies.

  • K