• Need a scrap 100 r 135 4s r 5s. with papers

    Need a scrap 100 r 135 4s r 5s ..with papers

    • I need ka registered papers can I get

    • 135 4 or 5 speed

    • Oh man I need

    • OK k even I too need bro

    • Ok 135 4 speed papers available with one person ka reg..only in this group only...check he marked 5000 for it

    • Oh grt but can be negotiation

    • 5000 is hike

    • Bro no idea bro....ya 5000 is high..u can ask with that guy..they vl make negotiation

    • OK can u do me a favour bro plz send DAT guy link

    • Is DAT can be possible bro