Need advice on some protective gear Jacket gloves cost friendly something...

Need advice on some protective gear. Jacket gloves, cost friendly...something that'll keep me intact incase of a spill at speed. Any thoughts on the type? Jacket or the football looking stuff? Any brands better than others?

  • In a pinch Bilt stuff will get you by. I did something similar and bought better stuff as I went along. I love Alpinestars but only buy it on clearance cause it's expensive. Joe Rocket and Icon are middle of the road, good gear good price. I've had luck with Scorpion helmets, just never buy a used helmet.

  • Scorpion has some gloves that are durable and descent priced . But just like Matthew said no used helmets !

  • I agree with Matthew Tilkens

  • I have 3 Jackets -2 pairs of riding pants - 3 pairs of gloves - 2 helmets - 1 pair of boots and a balaclava.. almost all Joe Rocket.. for the price Joe Rocket makes some nice jackets and overpants IMO.

  • How are the shoes ? I ride year round and sometimes get caught up in the rain . But my shoes that are tourmaster suck and are falling apart. Haven't been able to find a pair that I like or trust yet

  • Have had the velocity VX2 for 2 riding seasons and they are still holding together well. But I rarely ride in the rain.

    They are my first and still only pair of riding shoe/boots btw

  • I just picked up an Atomic 5.0 jacket and I really like it. Warm and more sport cut.

  • I've got the same jacket ordered last night!

  • Even with the liner out it's still a fairly hot jacket