Need help Up until now the FJ has run flawlessly This morning I went to start...


Need help. Up until now, the FJ has run flawlessly. This morning, I went to start her up for a quick ride. Everything was going great, but I noticed that, once off choke, it would slowly begin to idle down until it died. It was a little chilly and I hadn't let it warm up for long, so I didn't think much of it and headed to the gas station. The idle problem kept getting worse, and I kept having to hold the throttle cracked open to keep it running. By the time I was leaving the gas station, it was apparent that something was wrong. Wouldn't or run at all below 3000 rpm without constant blipping, and wouldn't rev past 4000 Rpm. throttle responded with a boggy sort of stumble up to 3000 rpm, and it felt like it was missing badly towards 4000. Not sure what's going on. Any ideas? This is absolutely out of the blue. It was running great two days ago, and has been sitting in my garage since.

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  • What year is it? Pre 89 didn't have fuel filters

  • Do you have a fuel pump on that ??

  • Bob, it's an '87.

  • I think? If the 87s came with one stock, which I think they did, then yes.

  • no if it`s an 87 its gravity fed and as Bob says there is no filter . It sounds to me like its time to give it a service . Clean the carbs , new air filter , plugs etc .

  • No filter or pump. Gravity feed. The fuel line routing is very important on them. But you haven't messed with it it's fine. Hook the vac line back up and see how that works.

  • Sam I have an 85 FJ the only thing that's ever gone wrong with it was the 1984-1986 Module Ignition Control CDI Unit box its about the size of a pk of cigarettes the symptoms sound similar. I took it out for a ride ran like a box of spanners done all fuel checks carbs etc have a look at the CDI open it to see if its in good nick. Hope it helps. Good luck

  • I have plenty of them for sale, if needed and you don't go dyna?

  • Sounds good Bob. I'll probably stick with stock ignition for now. How much, where are you located, and is there any way to check the ignition without replacement?

  • can ohms test all but the cdi. If everything else checks its the box. but I would try the vac line first.

    Maine USA

  • Cool. If I need it, shipping won't be as painful as if it were coming from Europe.

  • No and I test all on my bike or race car.

  • How much for a new/relatively newish one?

  • They all are 85 or 86 that I have. But most are low mile bikes. $100ish.

  • not likely to be cdi,they usually just pack up never to fire again,

  • give me somthing about the weater condition when it happens!

  • Been humid and rainy, but the bike hasn't been wet. It's garage kept most of the time.

  • maybey you got water in the Gas or, when it get too coold, you got ice in the carburator. sorry for my english!

  • No worries! Your English is pretty good, actually.

  • Llévala al taller.

  • Update: I'm honestly not sure what's going on. Was unable to get the primary fuel line off the petcock, I'll probably have to cut it off and replace the line, so I couldn't test flow. Bike ran fine for 30 minutes- 1 hour on and off, sitting at idle (I didn't time it). Just as I tossed my hands up and got backed out for a test ride, it died, started doing the same thing as before.

  • Do the engine run good when choke are on?

  • cheap fix .. replace the fuel filter or try to bypass (remove it) mine was aftermarket and it was cracked in the middle ..from that crack was letting air in ....was having similar problem like yours

  • If it ran good till warm makes me think ign, most likely pu coil? If choke/enrichment valve don't help it's probably not carbs. Jmo

  • Not carbs maybe, but a restriction in the line/petcock could still starve it, maybe. How do you check the coils?

  • No in-line on the 87 model, apparently. Just the screen in the petcock.

  • No. If anything, the choke makes it worse, actually.

  • Ohms test. If it runs good then goes to shit I doubt fuel. Electric issue are the worst. There must be local Fj guys in your area?

  • Not that I know of! If anyone knows some guys in Raleigh, NC, I'd be glad to meet them. Only other FJ I saw was a parts bike.

  • There's a Fj rally in Boone every spring. Go Fj owners. Com there are guys that way.

  • ok, looks like it get enough fuel if run badly with choke on, i would have checked if engine get false air, like all vacuum hoses on carburettors , inlet joints could be leaking.. maybe its the carburetor diaphragms, one or two how have got broken/leaking.. , its old bikes we have, so parts of rubbers gets hard with time, and then get broken under use.. since no filter inline, could be dirt in the carburettors, need a clean up, water in the fuel, try to add some condensation remover in the fuel..


  • If you go there and are new to the site, do an intro on yourself (and your bike) before getting into the questions. Just courtesy.