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Hey guys, this is a nice event in Aurora, IL. If you are close by, give it a try.

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  • Cool, Ed Tipping is also close. We can meet there.

  • I'd be down for a local meet if my bike is ready a lot going on between now and then.

  • There's the, Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run, in June 21st.

  • I've got one good riding buddy up in Rockford but I'm not crazy about riding in big groups....I feel much more comfortable knowing the riding habits of those around me. Know what I mean?

  • I know, I went to this one in 2012. There was a lot of bikes. At some points during the ride I was concerned about how some people were riding. I went to Savanna, IL last summer in a group of three bikes, including me, it was great.

  • Never been to savannah but would like to. I'll go down to starved rock a few times this summer I'm sure. :)

  • We went to Rockford, Oregon, and ending at Poopy's in Savanna.

  • I have duct tape. Wepl put it together n ride.

  • 3-6 bikes no more. I have been off for awhile. Most I ever rode with ws 3. My buddy made a good point. If someone isnt paying attention n goes down. Could bring a couple with. That makes for a bad day.