New 52 light bar installed


New 52" light bar installed!!!!

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  • If you do any trail riding you might want to build some kind a bracket to push the limbs over The light bar or it will catch on them I had one like that first Branch broke it off

  • This isn't my first rodeo, I don't know what kind of trails you guys ride but if something can grab the light and rip it off then it could go the same with the roof. Did you not have it bolted down?

  • Ya I did It broke the bracket not the bolt I actually hit the only tree limb in Little Sahara which is Sand dunes

  • Man we drive straight thru the woods hitting limbs and everything and the worst thing that has happened is had to readjust it. I had to small light bars on before this and I put them thru hell.

  • Ya after It broke I just moved it under the roof so I would not have to deal with it but I had to go to a 50" and it went through and End over end roll and one of the kids helmets hit it and dented all the fins in and still works like a champ on my new one

  • Ive had limbs get caught in my roof....needless to say its pretty solid has not broke yet

  • Helpful hints black gorilla tape will cover the wire that you have zip ties and it's waterproof looks better than zip ties just saying like the bar by the way