New seat saddlebags and backrest couple more mods and done for now

New seat, saddlebags and backrest couple more mods and done for now.

  • How much did the bags run you?

  • Yeah what u see in my profile pic are some of those 'others' n I've since had to take em back off cuz the left one got into my belt guard. Back on the prowl for better mounts. Loooovvvveeee my 950 tho!

  • The bags are expensive I'm kinda of ashamed 1000 bucks. But they are nice abs plastic wrapped in what seems to be good leather. And the mounts are great. And yes I do like my 950 its my first street bike.

  • What kind of seat is that?

  • I was checking out Viking bags not bad price good reviews any body have them

  • i have a set of viking bags, there not as big as i would like. the opening is not that wide. that is why i was curious on the pricr for these.

  • I also looked at viking bags that was my second choice just didn't like the mounts. The seat is a saddlemen tourer rs. Just rode to work don't really like the seat feels like it is pushing me on the gas tank. Going to ride on it and see if it gets better. Probably should have went with the mustang seat.

  • Well the mustang seat just does the same, pushes u an inch forward, most aftermarket seats other then the small solo seats are going to do this. I just ordered the RS myself and if I don't like it I am sending it back. I need back support more then anything, but the 650 stock seat just sucks with or without a backrest

  • Sean that is exactly what I was after is back support. I'm probably going to keep the rs and deal with it for now. Hope you like yours it is soft and nice leather. If u think about it let me know what you think of yours.

  • Ok will do my friend, it won't be here until Thursday of next week. But the thought of a one piece seat that is easier to remove for maintenance is a plus in my book. I hate having to take off all that crap just to get the tank off, and I am also tinkering with my bike. I should be relieving a boss mc500 stereo here shortly.