• Newbie question Need tires to replace 404 s really don t know if I could tell...

    Newbie question...Need tires to replace 404's...really don't know if I could tell the difference in the ride of a $50 and $200 tire...Any suggestions on a good tire to really get my feet wet with my new 05 1100 Silverado? Thanks for the help

    • I think the Dunlop 40048mm are junk. Now if you ever think about skimping on tires dont! Thats what keeps you hooked on the road when in that sharp curve and brings you home to your family. My best tires I have ever had at metzeler ME880 marathon

    • I put some shinkos 777 on my 1300. I love them last year I put about 3000 miles on them. They handle great in the wet or dry, and they wont break the bank.

    • I just ordered the Shinko 777's for my 1300. Read some good reviews and the price was right.

    • I have the Metzlers. Looked at the Commanders but did not have matching sizes that I wanted. I also went with a 180 rear. You drink be told you can do a 200 but in reality you end up making the tire more rounded and taller. .. you don't get the Extra width. Now as someone said previously.. I don't skimp on tires but, I ride the full width of the tires and have scraped though a peg or two.... you will learn in a few years of riding what type of compound you like. .. soft compound=better traction & faster wear. .. harder compound= worse traction &longer wear. .. tires like the Commander have a hard compound in the center and softer on the sides... best if both worlds which gives them the high ratings

    • I had Metzler 880s on my V-Star 1100 classic, great mileage but when older with plenty of tread remaining, wet weather was a real adventure. Commander 2s are wearing well, equivalent to the 880s, but overs performance seems superior and wet weather is far less of an adventure.

    • I've got 500 miles +/-, on my Kenda Challengers & I love them..they feel rock solid & handle awesome.. Much better than OEM rubber. For $60 apeice they can't be beat :-) ....

    • have used MEZ, Dunlop and Pirelli Dragons. The best bang for the buck is Shinko. 4k miles and still look brand new all for 220 on Amazon.