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    Only in Michigan!!

    • Admin is that acceptable??? ^^^^ @james and your a saint ????

    • The problem is they are finally pushing for more counties in MI to be ATV friendly and this just plain looks bad. People stealing quads off CL and now these guys running from cops in the middle of Detroit. Looks bad on all us that just want more areas to ride in

    • Never said I was. It's not legal to ride anywhere in Jersey. When we ride, we don't ride like a pack of shit heads. We don't run from cops and we don't destroy private property. We ride the same trails and pits that have been ridden for the past 30+ years here. When we ride the roads, we do it only when it's necessary and it's single file and slow in neighborhoods.

    • Ok that's what you do congrats to you sir and I'm sure ppl have tons of personal opinions on the stuff you do or have done that was illegal . @Gerald I know what the problem is but the bigger picture is a lot of these guys are fr the inner city which doesn't provide a place to ride and for you to shit there and Assume that they are the ones stealing bikes is very ignorant of you and for the racist guy fuck you its 2014 grow some balls fag and yes I will say it to your face

    • Lol go ahead. I know for a fact due to the guy that made to original video is a buddy of mine. I got nothing to hide so run your mouth little bitch

    • Ok internet gangster, you don't know for a fact and trust me there's is plenty of thieves out there so to sit there and blame s particular group show your intelligence

    • If one of those retards hit my family or friends while stuntin on the side walk or street.......they'd never ride again

    • Just because they're from the inner city gives them no right to ride like this whether it is in Detroit, baltimore, philly or any where else. If They have enough money to buy a quad or a bike, then they have enough money to buy a rig and a trailer and go ride somewhere that they aren't disrupting people's everyday lives. These people ride like this because they are too ignorant to see the negative it imposes on the riding community. They think it's fun to rip wheelies, tear up parks and run from cops. All these videos do is give further proof of the ignorance of people from inner cities that ride, don't twist it, I'm not saying all people from the cities think this is acceptable. Take it to the trails, tracks and pits like the majority. Maybe once they do that, they'll be able to crawl out from under the black cloud they've casted over themselves and actually gain respect from the communities. You can literally not ride anywhere legal in Jersey unless it's at a track, when we are out in the pits and do happen to see cops, we don't run and they don't give us shit. 99% they cut us loose and say go home or they just wave. If it's not provided for them, go find it but then again why provide an area for them when they disregard public safety.

    • From the inner city??? Which means there is no place to ride. Which means y buy one if u can't ride it anywhere? Oh yeah it probably stolen. Which means they don't care if it gets impounded. They'll just go get another one from another hard working person who worked to earn money to buy it for themselves to ride.

    • Exactly^^^^^ plain stupidity and total disregard for the law and endangerment to the public they should all be locked up and there quads and dirt bikes impounded and sold at auction