• Not mine just try to get a idea of what you guys think this is worth I think a...

    Not mine just try to get a idea of what you guys think this is worth? I think a $1000 is a bit to high.

    • They do not have titles for either one

    • i think u r talking like 650 700 at most unless theres a good bit of aftermarket parts like nicer exhaust nerfs bumpers stuff like that

    • Both of them are pretty much all stock I don't see anything that looks like it's aftermarket. He says both motors run but you know how that goes people say anything to sell something.

    • I used to make a lot of money buying lots like this and reselling the parts but I wouldn't pay over 400.

    • I agree ^^^

    • i agree with kyle but thats just to sell thats how i make a living i buy and sell them all the time but if u just wan them to keep id say 5-6 at most

    • and u usally can get a good read on the guy when u get there if hes telling you the truth or he just wants the money and tell you there is gold shoved in the frames just to sell them

    • 1000 is a lot for a basket case.

    • I dont even see any rims or tires in the pics and haveing no titles u can tell they painted the plastics by the over spray on the gas tank I would have the vins checked and the motor spun to see if its not locked up if they come back clean and the motor spins freely with good compression I would pay $550-600 at the most for them cuz not a fir sure chance they will run right

    • got 2 4 sell in va bad ass bikes 1350 apice ur to 4 2500 cash