Has anyone used this? If so is it worth it does it really add 5hp? Can you feel it ?

Has anyone used this? If so is it worth it does it really add 5hp? Can you feel it ?

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  • It is VERY much worth it.

    Here in Canada A wiseco piston and rings is $120

    I can buy the entire kit from Vito's for that that includes bearing, pin, all gaskets etc plus gain 5hp.

    I agree it will never be as good as a good porting job but fora top end replacement it's a heck of a deal.

    Combine this with the 3mm stroker crank you which is still cheaper then oem or most aftermarket cranks you got a 10hp increase with the jetting, air box lid removed

    Years ago we tested 2mm 3mm and 4mm stroker kits.

    3mm yielded a 4hp gain with all stock engine

    The stuffer crank Vito's offers should produce 1-2 more

  • You are totally correct about the chamber mess Ken and I agree that the concept is good for a stock head but for some reason the last time I seen one of these pistons It did not have a radius on the leading edges? Damn now I wish I still had that piston! Instead I smoothed the edges and Installed it. I just don't like short cuts and will now look into this deeper because the pistons I inspected were damaged all for one that maybe was a defective for not having a radius on its cutout.

  • Kart racers will do a flow job on the cylinder but not change the port timing, they will keep several pistons with different degrees of timing so that the engine can be tuned to fit the track. By keeping the cylinder basically stock you have a baseline for how each piston will effect the engine in what rpm

  • Shit for half the price of that kit I will raise and port your exhaust port and then you can run any piston you want and have a real blended and raised port

  • There is so much more to porting then just exhaust port timing. If people had a clue!

  • That's not what the original post was asking. He asked if the piston was worth it. A good engine builder never takes anything for granted. A NEW part (Never Even Worked) needs to be inspected and evaluated before it's put into service. In a perfect world, cylinders are round, pistons are perfect, rings are round, crankshafts have no run out, and the factory removes casting flaws. We don't live in a perfect world. Parts are mass produced and inspected with a bell curve tolerance. Once in a blue moon, one will slip through the cracks. It doesn't mean the product is junk. It means the manufacturer needs to tighten up their quality control department. If I see a problem with a part, I call the distributor and make them aware of the defect. They want their products to work and they're always happy I called them. Vitos doesn't make junk. They've spent thousands of hours researching their products and provide parts that work great for the average Joe that wants a little more oomph. Quality parts CAN be produced over seas as long as the broker is providing the correct specifications. Paul owns Vitos and is a good friend of mine. He's more than willing to listen to any concerns customers have about his products. That man has forgotten more than most people will ever know about engines.

  • Not to mention this is not a "new part" it's been around at least 14 years. I bought my Blaster brand new in 03-04.....and put one of these in it in the first 6 months, 12 years later I finally had to replace it....with one just like it :) Vito's specializes in performance parts for Blasters.....I'd trust them to do it right than I would most of these guys

  • Well said Ken

    Back when i was admin for Blaster Hq and built custom engines.... we delt with Vito's for decades as well as Trenga and Nac's... wow that shows how old is am. Hollywood dirt , CA customs, Phragle and Tom Sullivan have built the fastest and best blasters in the world and many records to prove it.

    A couple people on here have Phragles Baja/24 hours endurance blaster.

    Results come from testing and pushing the limits of new products. The Vito's products have all been tested and proved their weight in gold over decades.

    These are cost efficient modified components that are as strong or stronger then oem and give people the options to rebuild or upgrade thier blasters for great price

    I've never once had a problem with any of Vito's products. They people that say they have either haven't used them or don't know what they are doing.

    The only issues I've ever had was the gaskets. I wasn't a fan of the green paper gaskets. However I use case sealant on both sides of all my gaskets and copper spray on head gaskets. I've never had an engine failures a leak down test. Even after 3 years of use.

  • Oo believe me I know exactly what you mean Ken! I've been on the phone with Wiseco twice over the crankshaft issue over the last few years and they were happy(at least they made it seem that way) to hear what I had to say about excessive runout and finding crank half's with improper pin bore interference fit. Anyway I have nothing bad to say about Vito's Products and have used them MANY times. I just don't like what I seen and experienced along with other builders and techs that experienced the same. Ill stick with porting and leave the cutout pistons to the other guys. Everyone has there preferences

  • I don't mess with the paper gaskets. Cometic or OEM for me. My buddy Mike bought Phragles Baja winning bike and sent it to the shop for a rebuild. It was a stock CT cylinder and head. We played with it a little bit.

  • I don't use Wiseco crankshafts but I do order an ass ton of Pro-X rods from them.

  • Soooo. The piston is legit and worth the money. If you want more, send the cylinder and head out to be worked by the builder of your choice.

  • Same on the ProX rods. Best rods on the market

  • Yeah I remember Mike messaged me once...seen a post where I mentioned him and pooh bear.

    I did a lot of work with Mac dizzy in the 90's/ early 2k as well.

    I was building a trx250r and ran into port angle issues and didn't have the computer or software that he did.

    I still have every note email and blueprint from back then and built dozens of his "blaster builds" with my own twist. Currently running his head design. From the looks of it it's Similar to your own.

    He put me in touch with bills, CT, PC and Trusa. That was a great Era for the Blaster community.

    Sad so many dropped off in the recessions etc but Vito's has remained top of the list.

    A big tip of the hat to you Ken OConnor for keeping the Blasters alive and providing valuable information and knowledge and excellent quality work.

    One day I might just ship my cylinders and heads to you to port/rechamber

  • Why ship when you can visit. We'll have a great time and I'm a good cook. Blasters are coming back in a big way. What do you put your kid on after he outgrows the Raptor 110, a 450?

  • Lol

    Good point

    I haven't been to Connecticut in 20 years. I'm due for a bike trip soon .

    This is my 3rd blaster I've owned. Took me a long time to fine one in decent shape for decent price up here.

    I'm going to teach my daughter to ride it this year.

  • Put my 9yr old on a warrior lol. Def getting into the blaster for a toy while im redoing raptor 700

  • She's 14.

    She's just not sure about the clutch

    But she rides my sleds with no problem and her 125 atv.

  • Listen to Ken OConnor or watch his YouTube channel he's on point like a fine tip sharpie...

  • This may be a stupid ? But would your air be a reason for a different out come of your testing.