Nothing bad happens if a put premiun gas on my bike right. Idk that


Nothing bad happens if a put premiun gas on my bike right? Idk that

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  • Riding with my buddies

  • Angel pee...... HA!!!! Ya know we almost named our apple pie moonshine angel piss..... Had a label and everything. And if anyone is interested in what some of the experts say, here it is. remium-high-octane-gasoline

  • It is said that 98 (or 93) octane has special detergents in it for cleaning the engine. I find low octane fuel & some dish washing liquid works just as good..

    Although opening the lid on the tank after a lot of tight corners is not advisable, due to the excessive bubbles.

  • Maybe where you are from. There are zero additives in different octane fuel, as long as it's the same brand like Chevron, etc. They all have their different additive packages, but it doesn't vary from octane level

  • That's what I meant,kinda.

  • And no way in hell am I putting dish soap in my tank

  • You know the detergent in fuel varies dramatically from each brand/company. Yes. Each has to meet a certain epa regulations but once thats been passed. The company can add whatever they want within reason of course.

    Shell has Vpower.

    Chevron has Techron


    So instead of worrying about what octane rating one fuel has.

    Why not sit and think of what quality fuel one is using instead. Hrmmmmmmm?

    I for one use only top tier fueling stations.

  • Pity it's not April 1, josh.

  • Haha ya!!

  • Couldn't agree more Sammo...... Top tier fuels are by far better. I don't want to have to clean carbon deposits off my valves. When I did the plugs, the tops of the intake valves you could eat off of.